Xbox Controller is Not Connecting To Mac

Xbox Controller is Not Connecting To Mac

Xbox provides a controller to play computer games, and it works with the Mac device. If you tried connecting the Xbox controller to your Mac device, but the Xbox Controller is Not Connecting to Mac, then continue to read to know how to fix the issue.

Causes of the problem:

  • If the Bluetooth is not enabled, the connection cannot be established.
  • The error can occur when the controller and the Mac device are not paired via Bluetooth.
  • The loose connection of the USB cable connecting the controller and the Mac can be the reason for the problem.

Solutions for the connection problem:


1. Enable the Bluetooth

  • Firstly, turn on Bluetooth on your Mac, for that use the below steps.
  • Click the Apple menu at the upper-left corner of the dock and choose System Preferences.
  • In the System Preferences window, open the Bluetooth app, then click the Turn on Bluetooth button below the Bluetooth symbol on the left side of the window.

2. Pair the device

  • For Xbox One S, Bluetooth is a way to connect to the computer; therefore, you have to pair the controller.
  • Open the Bluetooth app on the Mac device, and press and hold the pair button on the Xbox controller.
  • Following that, click the Pair button in the Bluetooth window on the screen.

3. Install controller software

  • Visit the official Github website from the browser window and find the Xbox 360Controller software.
  • Download the controller driver and open it on the Mac device.
  • Read the agreement and select Agree to accept the terms & policies.
  • After the installation completes, restart the computer.
  • Go to the System Preferences window on Mac and double-click the controller application.
  • Connect the controller and Mac using a micro USB – USB (C type). Now, the controller’s picture appears on the computer screen, check if the connection status shows ‘Wired Controller’ in the window.
  • If Xbox Controller is Not Connecting To Mac, Click the Call button provided on this web page to get remote assistance.