When to Upgrade to a Business Laptop?

when to upgrade to a business laptop

If you have started a new small business on your own and are using your personal laptop, you might have doubts like whether your laptop is fast, efficient, and powerful for professional use. Your productivity gets affected due to the fewer features and functionality of the laptop. You have to know that this is the right time to upgrade to a business laptop or try to know when to upgrade to a business laptop.

Probably, your business does not need much work on the laptop at the beginning. Mostly, the day-to-day activities of your work on the laptop include emailing customers, conducting online research, updating social or web platforms, and managing finances. As the days go and your business starts to grow, your work would require advanced settings. In this stage, you might be work with graphics-intensive applications, holding video conference calls, sharing large documents online, and track and grow pipelines. 

Most importantly, your power-user employees need business laptops. Business laptops make professional jobs much faster because they contain processors, graphics and speed, and configuration options. You can change your RAM and storage space as per your convenience using configuration options. In addition to it, a business laptop does not have unnecessary pre-installed programs. Having enough space itself will boost the performance of the laptop. Also, they have connectivity for peripherals such as webcams and external devices.

Overall, the considerations are made based on power and capability. Additionally, you have to think about whether your employees are using portable computers. Some might like to sit at a desk to work. 

Some of the key points for choosing the HP business laptop are provided on this page and to know when to upgrade to a business laptop.


As already said, business laptops are far better in performance when compared to home-use laptops because business laptops have the necessary graphics and speed. Most importantly, they have configuration options.

Tested design

Business laptops are designed for durability and longevity. These laptops can last through many years of wear and tear. They can even withstand dust or water. Business laptops are preferred mostly by a remote worker as they seem to travel more for their work. Business laptops can withstand bumps and rough surfaces. You can, without any worries, even keep it in the backseat of your car or over your airline seat.


One of the key features of the HP business laptop is biometric such as fingerprint readers and face recognition. This ensures all your official data will remain secure.

Finally you know when to upgrade to a business laptop.