What Is Wireless Charging And How Does It Work?

What Is Wireless Charging?

What is wireless charging - Smartphones help us with many features and at the same time, charging the smartphones is what worries us the most. But, wireless charging allows you to easily charge your devices without plugging the power adapter or charger. With the invention of newer technologies, wireless charging has been made more convenient for smartphone users. First of all, your device must support wireless charging. Many recent smartphones support wireless charging. 

The cable charging method is faster, but at the same time, some wireless chargers are faster than the usual ones. New modern higher-powered chargers are capable to fully charge your smartphone in less than two hours.

Things You Need To Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly

  • First, make sure that your smartphone supports wireless charging.
  • Otherwise, you can use a case that supports wireless charging. You can prefer this if your smartphone is not compatible or has built-in wireless charging features.
  • The next one you need is a wireless charger. Wireless chargers are of different shapes and sizes.
  • If your smartphone supports wireless charging, you would have got a charger along with the package.

How Wireless Charging Works?

The wireless charging process works by transferring energy from the charger head to a receiver kept at the back of the smartphone. The energy is transferred via electromagnetic induction. The charger has an induction coil to create an electromagnetic field. The receiver coil in the smartphone converts the energy to electricity and charges the phone battery.

Some users have faced heating issues on the smartphone’s backside while charging wirelessly. Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and various other smartphones that support wireless charging. You can also charge Apple smartwatches wirelessly. If you need remote assistance about what is wireless charging, click the call button.