Webcam Not Working On Zoom

Why is the webcam not working on Zoom? Users do face issues with their webcam when trying to attend or conduct a meeting in any video calling app. Though webcams are handy, they sometimes misbehave due to connection or settings issues. In this article, you’ll learn what can be done when your webcam is not working on Zoom.

Read this article completely to fix webcam issues on the different operating systems. We'll start with understanding the cause of the webcam issue.

  • The major reason could be your device's settings. You might have disabled the webcam for security reasons.
  • You may not have selected the webcam in the Zoom app.
  • A conflict between the webcam and other programs or devices.
  • Corrupted or outdated device drivers.
  • The webcam might be damaged or having a hardware issue
  • There might be a connection issue.

Having said that, let's do some basic troubleshooting.

  • If your Zoom doesn't support or work with a webcam, then restart your app and check if it works properly.
  • Check for any updates for the Zoom app. If your app is outdated, then it may misbehave, causing this type of issue.
  • Update your webcam driver if it is corrupted or outdated.
  • Remove the webcam from your device and connect it again to make sure that the connections are secure.
  • Run the device's troubleshoot feature to identify and fix the issue.
  • Updating your device may also help with webcam problems.

You can try to close all the other apps that can use your camera. This is because any of the apps that can use your webcam can interfere with your webcam. So, it's better to close all the apps and use only the Zoom application on your device. For example, apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, and other video calling apps running in the background may be using your webcam. In this case, shut down those apps forcefully and check if they make any changes.

In case you are using the Zoom app on your Windows computer, go to Task Manager and end all those processes. On your Android phone, go to Application menu --> app info and select Force Stop.


In this section, you'll learn to fix webcam issues on different systems. Pick the solution that suits you.


  • Open the Finder window and select Go to Folder.
  • Copy-paste or type /Library/QuickTime/ in the blank area.
  • Click on the Go button.
  • Next, remove the below components.
  • Video Glide
  • Sonix SN9C
  • 3ivx Video Codec
  • Desktop Video Out
  • Alternatively, you can use the following in the command line to fix the issue.

sudo killall VDCAssistant


If you are using a Lenovo computer (Windows 10), execute the following instructions.

  • Press the Windows key.
  • In the Start menu, type Lenovo and search for it.
  • Select Lenovo Vantage from the search results.
  • Open the application and choose Hardware Settings.
  • Next, open Audio and Visual.
  • Now, disable the Camera Privacy Mode (you can enable it later whenever you want).


  • Navigate to the Start menu.
  • Open the Settings window.
  • Navigate to Privacy --> Camera.
  • Verify that the Camera is turned on.
  • You can turn it off later whenever you want.


In case you are using Zoom in your browser, then you may need to check the browser settings. If you are using Google Chrome, follow the below instructions.

  • In your Google Chrome, click on the Customize and control Google Chrome (menu) icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Settings
  • Click Security and privacy in the left pane.
  • Click Security And Privacy
  • Select Site settings.
  • Under the Permissions section, click Camera.
  • Verify that Sites can ask to use your camera is enabled.
  • Also, make sure that Zoom is Not allowed to use your camera list.
  • Zoom Is Not Allowed


To keep up your private space, antivirus software might have blocked the webcam access. In this case, you can disable the webcam protection to use the Zoom application. Go to the security or privacy page in your antivirus software to disable the webcam protection feature.

Other than the above solutions, you need to check if the shutter or cap is closing your webcam. Laptops these days come with a webcam shutter that allows users to close it whenever they don't use the webcam.

We hope your issue "webcam not working on Zoom" is resolved after implementing our solutions. If the problem continues, contact us for better assistance.