How To Fix Wd My Book Live Issue?

Wd My Book Live Problem

Almost all the internal and external drives out there face some kinds of issues at one point. The good thing is that almost all the common drive issues are known ones, and there are some proven troubleshooting solutions that help you resolve them. We have covered some common Wd My Book Live Issue and the troubleshooting solutions for the same in this article.

Wd My Book Live Troubleshooting - Complete Guide

Resolving drive problems is straightforward. But, at the same time, the troubleshooting methods for each and every issue are not the same. They differ based on the cause of the issue. However, there are some quick and simple troubleshooting solutions that you can try to resolve your WD My Book Live issues.

So, let’s start this troubleshooting guide with those solutions.

First Things First

Update Wd My Book Firmware

  • Running an outdated firmware might lead to so many problems.
  • So, when you face an issue for the very first time, check whether the drive’s firmware is up-to-date.
  • If not, update it manually or using the file.

Connect The Cables Properly

  • If the drive is not plugged in properly or plugged into a wrong wall outlet, it might not turn on or misbehave.
  • Make sure that the My Book Live drive is connected to the correct wall outlet. Also, ensure that the cable from your drive to the computer is plugged in securely. And the following steps are explaines detaily to fix your Wd My Book Live Issue
  • You can confirm that the drive is ready to use if the status indicator display turns green.

Reset The My Book Live Drive

  • The reset process not only helps you reconfigure the drive settings, but it also enables you to resolve the common WD My Book Live drive issues.
  • Follow the instructions below to reset your drive in no time.
  • Ensure that your drive is powered on.
  • Now, locate the Reset button (which looks like a small hole) at the back of the drive and hold it using a narrow-tipped pen or a paperclip.
  • Place The Reset Button
  • Count for four seconds and release it. Now, the drive begins to reboot, which indicates that its settings are restored.

Wd My Book Live Common Issues & Solutions

Now, let’s see some common problems that are faced by many users with this WD drive and the troubleshooting methods for the same.

Wd My Book Live - Leds Do Not Light Up

    Wd My Book Live - Leds Do Not Light Up
  • This wd my book live issue mostly occurs if the drive is not properly connected to the wall outlet.
  • Recheck the power cord status and ensure that it is connected to the correct outlet.
  • Also, make sure that the drive’s power cord is working properly.

Wd My Book Live - Router Failed To Map The Drive Letter (windows)

  • Has your network device failed to map the drive letter? Don’t worry. You can map the drive letter manually by following the instructions below.
  • Initially, ensure that the drive is connected to your computer.
  • Now, open the My Computer window. Select Tools > Map Network Drive.
  • Now, a new dialog box will open.
  • Choose the drive letter from the Drive drop-down menu and configure the other settings as per your preferences. Finally, click Finish.
  • Finally Tap The Finish

Wd Smartware Is Unable To Detect The Wd My Book Live Drive

  • Ensure that the drive is connected to your computer securely.
  • Disable the security settings or firewall on your network or computer.
  • Now, try to detect and configure the drive settings using SmartWare.

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