Second Monitor Is Not Detected In Ubuntu

Adding an extra monitor to the existing computer is a great idea to increase the workflow on your device. It helps you to optimize your work performance efficiently.

You can set up dual monitors in a few easy steps. Connect the external monitor to your PC or laptop using the VGA or HDMI cable. Once your laptop or PC recognizes the monitor, open the Display Settings screen and configure the dual monitor settings as per your needs.

Although the dual monitor setup process is pretty easy, sometimes it ends up with trouble. Some Ubuntu OS users have reported that “second monitor is not detected” when they connect it to their Ubuntu computers.

Resolving the “dual monitor” issue

This problem might occur due to so many reasons. But, in most cases, disabled or unactivated Display settings will be the main reason behind these kinds of problems.

Basically, in Ubuntu, the second screen settings are disabled by default. So, after connecting the extra monitor to your Ubuntu computer, you need to manually configure the display settings to activate the second screen feature. If you haven’t configured the second display settings in Ubuntu, follow the instructions below for the same.

  • Open the activity overview on your Ubuntu computer.
  • Type “display” in the given field and tap Enter.
  • Now, the Display and Settings screen will open.
  • Choose the Display Mode of your choice.
  • Configure the dual monitor settings as per your needs and click Apply.
  • Configure The Dual Monitor Settings

If the second (extra) monitor is not detected on Ubuntu even after configuring the display settings, then try these quick troubleshooting solutions to resolve it.

  • Reconnect the monitor: Unplug the extra monitor from your Ubuntu computer. Reboot the computer and then reconnect the monitor to it.
  • Configure the “Nvidia X Server Settings:” Open Applications. Select System Tools > Administration > Nvidia X Server. Configure the server settings as per your needs and save them.

Contact us if the second monitor is not detected on your Ubuntu computer even after performing the above solutions.