How To Fix Roku Wireless Remote Not Connected to Wifi?

Roku Wireless Remote Not Connected to Wifi

Roku is one of those streaming services that will allow you to stream free and premium content like videos and movies. Some of the most popular TV streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu can be downloaded to your Roku device in the form of applications.

However, there have been some problems when it comes to connecting the Roku wireless remote not connected to WiFi. We will be taking you through some of the troubleshooting steps that would help you resolve the issue.


  • The very first step is always to take out the plug from the power source and wait for about a minute before you plug it back into the source.
  • This is bound to fix the pairing issue you are facing on your device.


  • It is one of the common methods you will follow when you are not able to operate the Roku device or the TV.
  • The best way is to check whether the batteries have drained out. If so, you can replace the batteries with new ones.
  • It could be one of the solutions to the problem you are facing.
  • If you want to pair the remote to see if it could resolve the issue, you will find a small button next to the battery compartment (For advanced Roku devices).
  • Press the pair button for a minimum of 5 seconds to bring the remote to pairing mode.


  • It is considered to be an alternative to the Roku remote.
  • If you do not have the Roku app, open the Google Play Store app and type Roku.
  • Tap the Install button, and the Roku app will be downloaded.
  • Sign in to your Roku account.
  • Once you sign in, you will see a list of options at the bottom of the screen, and one of those options is Remote.
  • You can easily make the smartphone as your Roku wireless remote not connected to wifi network as the Roku device).