How Do I Recall Email In Em Client In Simple Way

Recall Email In Em Client

Sent a wrong or incomplete email message to your contact in eM Client? Or, sent an email message to the wrong contact from eM Client? Don’t worry. We have explained how to recall email in Em Client with this situation on this page.

Recall Email In Em Client

This is one of the cool features available in Outlook. Yes, though we are going to discuss the Recall feature in eM Client, we shall start the topic by understanding this feature in Outlook. If you’ve sent an incomplete or wrong email message to your contact, you can use the Recall feature to retrieve the mail from the recipient’s mailbox.

One important thing to note is that “Outlook’s Recall feature doesn’t work if the recipient has already opened or read the mail you have sent.”

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How To Recall An Email In Em Client?

Currently, the Recall feature is supported only by Outlook. We can expect this feature in eM Client in future upgrades.

Is there a way to stop the message after clicking the Send button in eM Client?

Yes, you can.

The eM Client application offers a default future called “Undo,” which helps you to stop sending the wrong message from your email account within a few seconds after clicking the Send button.

However, you can use "Undo" only if your email message is delayed for some reason. Since the Undo feature is the default, you don’t need to enable it manually. However, if you find no Undo option displayed after clicking the Send button or the Undo option disappears within or less than 3 seconds, you can modify its settings.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below for the same.

  • Open the eM Client app.
  • Click on Menu.
  • Choose the Settings option.
  • Now, expand the Mail section and click on the Send option.
  • Check if the Enable Undo Send option is selected under the Undo Send section. If not, click the checkbox beside the option to enable it.
  • After doing that, choose how many seconds you want the Undo option to display on the screen after clicking the Send button. You can do this from the drop-down menu beside the Enable Undo Send option.
  • Finally, click on Save and Close.
  • Now, check if the Undo option is working correctly by sending a test mail.

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