Onedrive Automatic Backup

OneDrive is an online personal storage service that enables you to back up, access, and share your photos, document, files, etc., over the cloud network. Using this storage service,can back up a maximum of 5 GB of data. To backup more files in OneDrive, you have to subscribe to Microsoft 365.

Setting up and using this storage service is pretty easy. To perform the automatic backup in OneDrive, you have to prepare the service for the same. Continue reading this page to more about the “OneDrive Automatic Backup” feature.

Automatically backing up the Windows 10 files to OneDrive

Read the following easy-to-do instructions to know how to automatically back up your files from the Windows 10 computer to the OneDrive storage service.

  • Initially, check if the OneDrive Desktop app is installed on your Windows 10 computer. If not, install it from the Microsoft Store.
  • Next, open the app. To do so, click on the search field available in the taskbar of your computer and type “one drive.”
  • Choose the OneDrive Desktop app from the suggestion list.
  • Now, the Set up OneDrive window will open.
  • Type the email address that you wish to use in the “Enter your email address” field and click the Sign In button.
  • Click The Sign In Button
  • Now, if you wish to change the default folder location for the OneDrive Desktop app, click the Change location command line in the window. Choose the location and click Next.
  • Click The Change Location
  • If you wish to continue with the default folder location, click Next instead of Change location.
  • Select “Sync all files and folders in OneDrive- On MSFT” and click Next to complete the OneDrive automatic backup setup.
  • Select Sync All Files And Folders
  • To ensure that the backup setup is done correctly, open the File Explorer window on your computer. If you find the OneDrive option in the window's left pane, it means the setup is done correctly.
  • Find The Onedrive Option
  • Otherwise, re-perform the setup process.
  • Now, set the folder(s) you want to automatically back up to the storage service.
  • To do so, open the OneDrive app if it is closed.
  • Click Settings > Backup > Manage backup.
  • Manage Backup
  • Choose the folders that you want to automatically back up from the Windows 10 computer to the OneDrive cloud storage in the Back up your folders window and click the Start Backup button.
  • Click The Start Backup Button

Contact us if you need further assistance in setting up the OneDrive Automatic Backup settings.