Import Pst File Into Em Client | Simple Instructions

Import Pst File Into Em Client

Learn how to import PST files into eM Client.

Are you missing some features in your email client that are in eM Client? Are you not happy with your email client? Then, you can switch to eM Client if you wish.

eM Client is one of the most used email clients designed for both Windows and Mac users. It permits you to send and receive emails, manage tasks, contacts, notes, etc. It is used as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is also one of the email clients that enable you to manage your account, send/receive emails, etc. However, it misses some features that are in other email clients. So, users start looking for an alternative one. Some decide to use the eM Client application and if you’re one among them, continue reading this page to learn how to import your Outlook PST file into eM Client.

Import The Outlook Pst File Into Em Client- Quick And Simple Steps

PST is a file format designed for Microsoft program that enables you to manage your contacts, emails, calendars, etc. So, if you want to use your Outlook in eM Client, import Outlook’s PST into it.

Continue reading this page to know more about the same.

  • Initially, create the PST file of Outlook and save it on your computer’s local storage drive (for example, C: drive).
  • Next, open the eM Client application if it is closed.
  • Click Menu > File > Import.
  • Choose the Import from Microsoft Outlook option in the Import dialog box and click the Next button.
  • Import From Microsoft Outlook Option
  • Now, select the Import selected PST data file option in the opened dialog box.
  • Click on “Select file…” to choose the saved PST file.
  • After choosing the file, click Next.
  • Choosing The File Click Next
  • Select the folder(s) you want to import and click Next again.
  • Finally, select the folder or account in which you want to save the imported PST file and click Finish.
  • Now, the eM Client application will start importing the PST file from Outlook into its folder.

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