How To Configure HP Printer Control Panel Windows 10?

HP Printer Control Panel Windows 10

You can access your printer using its control panel or from the printer application installed on a device connected to the printer. Therefore, you must get yourself familiar with the control panel options and features available on the printer. The HP printer control panel windows 10 are listed here.

Control panel buttons and light:

  • Power button - To turns on or off the printer.
  • Home button - Returns the home screen.
  • Control panel display - To access various menus.
  • Wireless status light - It will stay lit when a wireless connection is established successfully.
  • Help button - To access the help menu.
  • Back button - It will return you to the previous screen.

Control panel display menu:

  • Copy - To access the Copy menu for changing the copy settings.
  • Scan - This opens the Scan To menu to choose a scan destination.
  • Fax - To send a fax or to change fax settings.
  • HP Printables - It provides a quick way to access and print any data.
  • Quick forms - You can select a form to print using this menu.
  • Setup - To change preferences.
  • Help - Access the help menu to view printer information.
  • HP ePrint icon - To access the Web Services Summary menu.

You can even access the HP printer Control panel windows 10 features and function from a computer. To do this on a Windows 10 computer, you have to use the HP Smart application.

  • Download the HP Smart app from the official HP website and install it by performing the on-screen instructions.
  • Open the installed app, click the Add icon, and proceed with the prompts to set up the printer.
  • Using the HP Smart app, you can perform the printing and scanning functions.
  • The HP printer features in the HP Smart app are listed below.
  • View printer status
  • Check ink or toner levels and other supplies
  • Access the HP Instant Ink dashboard
  • Print reports and access tools
  • View wireless status and information
  • View a list of print jobs
  • Access the printer’s Embedded Web Server (EWS)
  • Forget a printer
  • Quick Reference

Additional features:

  • Print Anywhere
  • Smart Tasks
  • Mobile Fax
  • Play & Learn
  • Help & Support
  • Diagnose & Fix
  • Settings

Now, you would have got an idea about the HP printer Control Panel windows 10 features.