How To Install HP 2135 Printer?

How To Install HP 2135 Printer?

You have to install the HP 2135 printer before you can start operating the printer. The below steps help you to know how to install Hp 2135 printer.

Step-1: Unbox the printer

  • Open the carton and take out the printer. Place it on a stable surface.
  • Check if the other printer accessories such as power cord, ink cartridges, manual, and installation CD are genuine.
  • Peel the packaging tapes and remove the protective materials from the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and take off the protective materials from the inside of the printer.
  • Check if you have removed all the packaging materials from the printer and close the ink cartridge access door.

Step-2: Power connection

  • Take the power cord provided with the printer and plug it to the wall outlet.
  • Now, connect the other end to the printer’s supply port.
  • Following that, press the power button on the control panel to switch on the printer.
  • When the printer display turns on, continue with the next step.

Step-3: Ink cartridges installation

  • Keep the ink cartridge access door open and wait until the print head returns to a static position.
  • Before you unpack the new ink cartridge, gently shake the cartridge packet.
  • Remove the plastic protective film on the ink cartridge covering the metal contacts, also see that you do not touch the contacts.
  • Hold the ink cartridge by the sides and place it with the nozzle side facing the printer in its slot.
  • Press the cartridge into the slot until it locks in a position.
  • Similarly, install the other ink cartridges in the printer and close the cartridge access door.

Step-4: Feed paper 

  • Below steps helps to know how to install HP 2135 printer to feed paper.
  • Lift the paper input tray until the tray stops at a point.
  • Next, move the paper edge guide to the left end of the input tray.
  • Arrange the paper in the tray such that the print side is on the top, and the short edge of the paper goes first in the tray.
  • Neatly position the paper such that the paper edges touch the right side of the tray.
  • Adjust the paper guide to the right and touch the paper edges, but make sure that the paper does not bend or cripple.
  • After that, unfold the output tray and extend the tray extender.

Step-5: Ink cartridges alignment

  • When the printer setup is complete, the printer prints the alignment page.
  • Open the scanner cover and place the alignment sheet on the scanner glass.
  • Lower the scanner cover and press either the Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color button to start the alignment.

Step-6: Software installation

After the hardware setup, proceed to install the printer software on the computer. If you have any further queries regarding how to install how to install Hp 2135 printer, click the call button.