How to Find Wps Pin on HP Printer?

How to Find Wps Pin on HP Printer

You just cannot perform any print job on your HP printer unless you have a connection established. With the advancements the HP printers are seeing, they have evolved in so many different ways. You can now wirelessly print from your HP printer without the need for a wired connection with the help of the WPS feature. With the help of the WPS feature, you can print from anywhere without going through many hassles.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is network security for wireless connections. This particular setup will make the connection between the router and the HP printer within seconds. With WPS, there are two types of connection. They are the 

  • WPS Button

We will now be describing the steps on how and where you will how to find WPS PIN on HP printer.

  • Turn on your HP Printer.
  • Press the button for the Wireless connection on the printer and then go to the Settings option.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the list.
  • Choose WPS PIN. The WPS PIN will be displayed on the LCD.
  • Now, the initial setup is complete.
  • Open the router’s web setup page and enter this how to find WPS PIN on HP printer Wireless Connection section.
  • Now, that the printer is connected to the router network, connect your computer to the same network, and you can enjoy printing and scanning wirelessly.