How To Connect Bose Headphones To Mac?

How To Connect Bose Headphones To Mac

Bose headphones are connected to a Mac device via the Bluetooth media. Bluetooth is a standard wireless method to connect two devices. Continue to read to learn how to connect Bose headphones to Mac.

  • Step 1:Make sure that the Mac device is not connected to any other Bluetooth device.
  • Step 2:If it is connected, then disconnect the device by following the below steps.
  • Step 3:Select the Apple menu on the top left corner of the dock and click System Preferences.
  • Step 4:The window opens up on the screen, now, double-click the Bluetooth icon.
  • Step 5:On the right-side panel, the device name connected to the Mac appears, click it and select the small round button beside the name.
  • Step 6:When the prompt message asks to remove the device, select Remove to disconnect the device.
  • Step 7:In case Bluetooth is not enabled on the Mac system, you have to enable it.
  • Step 8:For that, follow the path: Apple > System Preferences > Bluetooth.
  • Step 9:On the left side of the Bluetooth window, select the Turn Bluetooth On button.
  • Step 10:After that, click the plus symbol in the right panel to search for the new headphone device.
  • Step 11:When the Mac detects the Bose headphone, the headphone name appears on the right panel.
  • Step 12:Next, select the name and click the Pair button beside the name.
  • Step 13:If the Bluetooth setup assistant shows up asking the PIN, enter the value ‘0000’.
  • Step 14:Select the Advanced button to view the advanced setting options, then tick the checkbox of Accept Incoming audio requests, or else, untick the checkbox beside Reject incoming audio requests.
  • Step 15:Select OK to save the Bluetooth settings on the system.
  • Step 16:Return to the System Preferences window and click the Sound option in the Output panel. Now, choose the Bose headphones and close the window.
  • Step 17:By using these steps we can execute that how to connect bose headphones to mac.