How to Configure Canon Mg2522 to Hp 360x Chromebook for Printing?

Configure canon Mg2522 to HP 360x Chromebook for printing

Carry out the blow steps to know how to configure canon Mg2522 to HP 360x Chromebook.

Step 1

Perform the initial hardware setup of the Canon MG2522 printer and make sure it is turned on.

Step 2

Turn on your Chromebook laptop.

Step 3

  • Take a USB cable and plug its one end into the USB port of the Chromebook laptop.
  • The other end of the USB cable needs to be plugged into the rear port of the Canon printer.

Step 4

  • On the home screen of the Chromebook laptop, click the time at the bottom-right end.
  • Click the Settings icon and select the Advanced option.
  • Go to the Printing section and click the Printers option.
  • Navigate to the ‘Available printers to save’ section, choose the Canon MG2522 printer, and click the Save button.
  • Note: If your printer does not appear in the Available Printers list, click the Add printer option and continue with the on-screen steps to manually add the printer.
  • After adding your printer, check if it is displayed in the Saved Printers section.

Step 5

  • If you want to load a stack of paper, align the edges to avoid paper feeding problems.
  • The paper that you want to load should not be curled or wrinkled.
  • Open the printer’s paper support.
  • Pull the paper output tray and its extension out from the printer.
  • Move the paper guide outwards, place plain paper, and align the paper guide against the paper.

Step 6

  • On the Chromebook laptop, open a page, image, or document.
  • Hold the Ctrl and P keys at the same time.
  • Click the down arrow button beside the Destination option.
  • Click See more and select the Canon MG2522 printer.
  • Once you click Print, the printer begins to print the page, image, or document. And finally you know configure canon Mg2522 to HP 360x Chromebook.