How To Backup Laptop To External Hard Drive

Backing up is always the best option to save and access your data securely. You can back up your important documents, videos, photos, etc., using:

  • An external hard drive
  • A USB stick
  • Time Machine
  • Network Attached Storage Drive
  • A Cloud Storage
  • Printing

Most people prefer a USB stick or an external hard drive to back up their data because it is affordable and portable. This page shows you how to back up your laptop to an external hard drive.

Backing Up Laptop to External Hard Drive

There are two types of backups available.

Partial Backup

  • You can use this type to back up a particular file or folder from your laptop to an EHD (external hard drive).

Full or System Backup

  • You can use this method to make a backup of the entire system data.

This section explains how to back up a file or folder from a laptop to an EHD using the partial method.

Important Note: The following instructions also work for Windows 11.

Preparing for the backup

  • Before you begin the backup process, ensure that the EHD (on which you wish to store your important files) is connected to your Windows 10 laptop.
  • Also, ensure that the drive is recognized or detected by the laptop.

“Partial Backup”

To partially back up your data from the laptop to your EHD, you have to use the File History (Windows 10) option. The following instructions explain the same.

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Type the file history or backup command in the Search field.
  • Select the Backup settings (Windows 11) or File History option from the list of suggestions.
  • Now, the Backup window will open.
  • Click on the Add a drive button under the Back up using File History section.
  • Click On The Add A Drive Button
  • Now, a pop-up dialog box titled “Select a drive” will open.
  • Select A Drive
  • Choose your connected EHD in the opened dialog box.
  • Now, you can see the Automatically back up my files option enabled on the Backup screen.
  • Automatically Back Up My Files Option
  • The default files or folders stored on your laptop will be backed up to the connected EHD.
  • To back up additional files or folders, click More Options.

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