How To Backup All Files To External Hard Drive

How to back up all files to external hard drive? It is a booming question that most computer users ask because they have understood the importance of information stored on their computers. But still, there are a few users who don’t know the importance of backing up data. When they understand, they will also be looking for a way to back up all their files to an external hard drive.

As said above, since many users are looking to back up all files to an external hard drive, we have given a few solutions that can help. If you are one among those users, follow the below instructions to back up your data.


Backing up files can help you restore your information when a disaster happens. For example, if your system crashes or is invaded by a virus, you may have to clean your system to return to normal. So, if you have a proper file backup, you can restore them to your system after fixing it.

Back Up Files Using File History

File History is a built-in tool launched in Windows 8 to back up all the default and custom Libraries, Contacts, Desktop, and Favorites folders. And in Windows 10, you have the Add Folders feature that can help you back up specific folders.

Back up using File History:

  • Connect your external hard drive to the Windows computer.
  • Click Start.
  • Type “backup” in the search field and select it.
  • Click Add a drive.
  • Click Add A Drive
  • Choose your external drive. Now, you can see that the slide button under Automatically back up my files is turned on.
  • Choose “More options” to adjust backup settings. You can choose any settings from Back up my files, Keep my backups, or Exclude these folders.
  • After choosing the backup settings, go to the top of backup options and select Back up now to begin the backup process immediately.

Back up Files Using The Backup And Restore Software

If you are a Windows 7 user, you can use the tool named Backup and Restore to back up individual files or your entire system.

  • Plug your external hard drive into your computer.
  • Click Start and enter backup in the search box.
  • Select the Backup and Restore option.
  • Choose Set up backup.
  • Backup All Files To External Hard Drive
  • Select the destination drive and click Next.
  • Click on the Let me choose radio button and select Next.
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  • Tick the folders you wish to back up and choose Next.
  • Click on the Change schedule option to adjust the backup settings.
  • After changing the settings, click Save settings and run back up to begin the backup process. Wait until the process is 100%.

Note: You can change the schedule backup to your convenient time.

Back up Files To An External Drive In Windows 11

If you are a Windows 11 user, you can back up files to an external hard drive by accessing File History or Backup and Restore. It may be a bit difficult, and you have two ways to access them.

Method 1:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel menu.
  • Double-click on System and Security to open it.
  • Select File History or Backup and Restore.

Method 2:

  • Firstly, launch the Settings menu.
  • Select System --> Storage --> Advanced Storage options.
  • Now, select Backup options.
  • Scroll down to find File History or Looking for an older backup.
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We believe you can successfully back up all your files to an external hard drive. If you still have queries about how to back up all files to an external hard drive, get in touch with us.