How To Set Em Client Automatic Reply Message

Em Client Automatic Reply

Looking for a way to reply to your emails when you’re off or unavailable? Then, try eM Client’s “Out-of-office” feature.

The Em Client Automatic Reply feature helps inform your contacts how long you will be unavailable and whom to contact in case of an emergency.

We have shown how to set up the Out-of-office reply feature in eM Client on this page.

Automatic Replies And Out-of-office In Em Client- Setup Guide

eM Client’s Out-of-office is server-dependent. So, it works with email servers like Gmail accounts, Exchange servers, and the IceWarp Desktop Client. Configuring this feature in eM Client is pretty easy.

However, before you begin, check whether you have an account that supports the Automatic Replies feature. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the eM Client app if it is closed.
  • Click on the Menu icon to open it.
  • Choose the Tools menu from the list.
  • Select the Accounts option from the Tools menu.
  • Now, locate and choose the email account (Gmail, Exchange, etc.) that supports eM Client’s Automatic Replies.
  • Click the OK button.

Now, let’s see how to configure the Out-of-office feature in detail.

  • Open the Menu list again in eM Client.
  • Choose Tools > Automatic Replies.
  • Now, the pop-up dialog box titled “Automatic Replies” will open.
  • Make sure that your account address (from which you wish to send the automatic reply) is displayed correctly beside the Account option.
  • Now, click on the checkbox beside the Automatic replies option.
  • If you wish to set the automatic replies from one specific date to another, choose “from date” and “to date” from the First day and Last day drop-down menus.
  • Fill in the Subject field.
  • Now, type the “how long you will be unavailable” and “whom to contact in the company in case of emergency” details in the Message field.
  • Enable the Send to external senders option followed by Send replies to all external senders, if necessary.
  • Finally, click the OK button.
  • Finally Click The Ok Button

Congratulations! You have configured the Em Client Automatic Reply feature in your eM Client account.

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