Em Client Mark As Not Junk

Why Em Client Mark As Not Junk?

It will be really frustrating when all your important emails land in your Junk folder. But don't worry; you can rectify the problem by modifying the eM Client rules. If you have blacklisted a specific email address or domain, all the emails you receive from it will go straight away to the Junk folder. If you want to learn the exact procedure for preventing important Em Client Mark As Not Junk, continue reading this page.

How To Modify The Rules

By default, emails are moved to the Junk folder by your email server and not the eM Client. However, if you have added an email address or domain to a blacklist, eM Client moves all the emails from the specific email address/domain to the Junk folder. The following instructions will guide you through the procedure for modifying the rules in eM Client.

  • Open eM Client on your computer and click Menu> Tools> Rules.
  • Now, a window will appear with various options. Here you can create and edit rules according to your preferences.
  • Select the blacklist you want to modify and click the Edit option.
  • The next window will show you all the email addresses and domains you have blacklisted so far.
  • Right-click on the email address/domain you want to remove from the blacklist and select Remove.
  • Hereafter, any further messages you receive from this sender will automatically reach your Inbox.
  • In spite of removing a specific domain from the blacklist, if your important emails are still reaching the Junk folder, the problem might be with the exchange message tracking. To check this, go into exchange message tracking and search for the emails that are going to the Junk folder. It will help you determine whether the issue occurs with eM Client or exchange message tracking.
  • Sometimes, the problem lies with the spam filter of your email service provider. Therefore, check the settings in their web interface and ensure its spam filter is active.

How To Move A Specific Email To The Inbox

  • In case you want to move a specific email from the Junk folder to your Inbox, go to the Junk folder, click on the email you want to migrate, and select Move to Inbox> Move to Inbox/Move to Inbox and unblock domain.
  • Select the Move to Inbox option if you want to move the specific email to Inbox.
  • In case you want to move the email to Inbox and unblock the domain, select the Move to Inbox and unblock domain option.

This is how you should prevent Em Client Mark As Not Junk. If you still cannot fix your trouble, utilize the given call option to get in touch with our expert team for real-time assistance.

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